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Nichelle Nichols obituary

Dec 28, 1932 Jul 30, 2022
Actor who blazed a trail for black women on American TV in the 1960s in the role of Lt Uhura in Star Trek The actor and singer Nichell...

Michael Deakin obituary

Feb 21, 1939 Jun 29, 2022
Producer behind popular TV programmes on serious social issues, and documentaries with David Frost and Jonathan Dimbleby Michael Deaki...

Ronald Allison obituary

Jan 26, 1932 Jul 26, 2022
Journalist who as the Queen’s press secretary revamped the royal family’s old-fashioned approach to the media When in the early 1970s...

Ayman al-Zawahiri obituary

Jun 19, 1951 Jul 31, 2022
Founder of al-Qaida with Osama bin Laden who went on to succeed him as its leader After nearly two decades in hiding, the Egyptian ter...

Vanessa Rosenthal obituary

Dec 03, 1943 Jan 07, 2022
My mother, Vanessa Rosenthal, the actor and writer, who has died aged 78, worked for 55 years in film, television and radio, but her fi...

Sarah Gartland obituary

Jan 01, 1970 Jan 01, 2022
My friend Sarah Gartland, who has died aged 55 of ovarian cancer, was a teacher of English as a foreign language, and a stoic feminist...

Thomas Bewley obituary

Jul 08, 1926 Jun 26, 2022
Psychiatrist who pioneered the treatment of drug addicts to help create a more humane view of dependency in the UK At the beginning of...

Edana Minghella obituary

May 14, 1959 Jul 13, 2022
Leading mental health researcher who also wrote scripts for the TV series Doc Martin and went on to become a jazz singer The healthcar...

Fidel Ramos obituary

Mar 18, 1928 Jul 31, 2022
Former president of the Philippines who sought to modernise his country after the fall of Ferdinand Marcos As president of the Philipp...

Shirley Barrett appreciation

Jan 01, 1961 Aug 03, 2022
Shirley Barrett appreciation: ‘She never stopped being the life of the party’ Australian film-maker and author Shirley Barrett died th...

Bill Russell obituary

Feb 12, 1934 Jul 31, 2022
Basketball player who won a record 11 championships and was the first black star player and first black head coach in the NBA In his 1...

Ann Shulgin obituary

Mar 22, 1931 Jul 09, 2022
Therapist and countercultural figure who explored the use of psychedelic drugs for anxiety and other disorders. The California counte...

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