Patricia Schroeder obituary

Jul 30, 1940 Mar 13, 2023
Patricia Schroeder, a trailblazing feminist legislator who helped redefine the role of women in American politics, passed away on Monda...

Queen Elizabeth II obituary

Apr 21, 1926 Sep 08, 2022
She dominated for seven a long time, unshakably dedicated to the rituals of her role amid epic social and monetary trade and own family...

Ronald Allison obituary

Jan 26, 1932 Jul 26, 2022
Journalist who as the Queen’s press secretary revamped the royal family’s old-fashioned approach to the media When in the early 1970s...

Ayman al-Zawahiri obituary

Jun 19, 1951 Jul 31, 2022
Founder of al-Qaida with Osama bin Laden who went on to succeed him as its leader After nearly two decades in hiding, the Egyptian ter...

Fidel Ramos obituary

Mar 18, 1928 Jul 31, 2022
Former president of the Philippines who sought to modernise his country after the fall of Ferdinand Marcos As president of the Philipp...

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